Precision Deluxe Ex-Pen W/Door 48in

Precision Deluxe Ex-Pen W/Door 48in
Brand: KWP
Product Code: PN20248
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Dual folding hinge and bold-snap fasteners make adding and subtracting panels easy! The rest of the details: Folds flat in either direction for easy storage; Long lasting silver zinc coating; No exposed screws, wires or pins to injure your pet.

The Precision Pet Eight Panel Silver Wire Pen is available in varying sizes with different heights (24", 30", 36",42" and 48") to accommodate the size of your dog or other pets. With such a variety in sizes, you are sure to find one that works best for your pet. The variable heights and configuration options make this dog play pen an ideal choice for puppies, especially large breed puppies that need room to play that expands with them as they grow. You can use the Eight Panel as both a dog exercise pen and a play area for your puppies. Regardless of the size and age of your pet, these dog pens are an ideal solution for promoting more activity and pet exercise.

All the parts and hardware of the Precision Pet Eight Panel Silver Wire Pen are coated with a rust-resistant finish for long-lasting durability. The silver color is sure to look great in any home or yard; it has a modern shine but is not distracting or overwhelming. You can fold your dog play pen flat for easy storage when not in use and reconfigure it to use as a pet barricade. The wire panels keep your pet contained and provide you with ample visibility to easily keep an eye on your pet. The Eight Panel assembles quickly —no tools necessary – to become a dog exercise pen or play area for your pet.

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