Amanda and The Christmas Gifts

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We were blessed with a very smart German shepherd that we named Amanda, She loved car rides – nose out of the window in full “sniff mode”. She went everywhere with us. The Dairy Queen, was one of her favorite places (she knew they give treats), out for run in the country or travelled on business, Sitting in on business meetings, hanging out in hotel lobbies.  Her patience when we visited the Alzheimer unit at a local seniors home was a marvel.   She was special – very special. She left us way to early at the age of six her great spirit beaten by Cancer.  Even today twenty years later close friends and old business associates still mention her connection with their energy as a special experience. 
An old friend reminded us the other day about the priceless experience of “Amanda and the Christmas tree”. Relatives from out of town had come to spend Christmas with us and brought a “special” box full of gifts that included our critters. We put them all neatly under the tree, tucked in with all the other gifts.
When it came time to go to bed, our two dogs Amanda and her son “T.J” went with us and curled up in their usual place on the foot of our bed. Yes, we are joined every night by our critters on our king size bed.          About five minutes later, lights out, there was a sudden movement as Amanda jumped off of the bed and ran down the hall! We found her lying in front of the tree apparently guarding something and growling low at her son TJ who had quietly snuck out a few minutes earlier.  We did not know what our relatives had brought as gifts for both TJ and his mom.  They were amongst the gifts under the tree but Amanda was not going to let TJ get anywhere near any of them.  It became pretty obvious which gifts she was protecting so we “disappeared” the two gifts from under the tree and quietly put them up in a cupboard, which apparently made Amanda content and went back to bed secure in the knowledge that they were now safe from any thief.

On Christmas morning two wrapped pig’s ears where unwrapped by Amanda and TJ – the first and largest thoroughly enjoyed by Amanda and the other for TJ.  

Five German Shepherds have graced us with their presence over the last twenty-five years, and all but one have been related to Amanda. 

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