Hamilton Cebu Sun Metal Halide + T5 HO Lighting System

Hamilton Cebu Sun Metal Halide + T5 HO Lighting System
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Hamilton Cebu Sun Metal Halide + T5 HO Lighting System Information
Cebu Sun Systems are the best "All-in-One" lighting system for any reef aquarium.
Unlike LEDs, Metal Halide lighting will allow you to keep any type of coral in your aquarium growing and thriving, especially hard to keep SPS corals.
Cebu Sun will add an attractive shimmer effect to your water.
Hamilton 14,000K emits a crisp, intense ice blue light enhancing the color of your fish while promoting the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral.
Four 24 Watt T5 High Output Actinics will draw out vibrant color from your aquarium inhabitants increasing the fluorescent colors of your corals.
German aluminum, high PAR, multi-faceted reflectors serve to intensify the light output of the Cebu Sun system.
Dual cooling fans increase the life of your bulbs.
Remote, high performance metal halide ballasts with quick disconnects allow for independent lighting controls of your metal halide and T5 lamps.
Protective, tempered `splash guard safety shield` UV lens.
Energy efficient, built in T5 electronic ballasts.
Fully assembled and ready to plug in for years of quality use.
Dimensions: L24" x W13.5" x H6.5"
*Built to order in the USA!
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