Home and Country Pet Supply
has everything a dog owner needs
from the  Chihuahua to the Great Dane

78 million dogs and about 44% of homes have at least one dog. Dogs are part of our family, they make us laugh and are always up for a cuddle.  Dogs light up our lives and its up to us to make their lives happy, healthy and secure. Different dog breeds have different needs, be it a large doghouse to a tiny dog bed
Toys are an important part of bonding with your best friend some dogs want a toy to cuddle with. Just lay and chew, shake with pretend anger or just bring the toy back to you for hours on end.
We  believe that a well-trained dog and owner makes a happy partnership.  The proper training equipment makes everything so much easier, from the right size leash or harness to the collar that has the right function for different activities.  From working dog collars to fancy night out on the town dog collars we have them all. 
We all want our canine friends to have a safe and secure place to curl up in and call their own.  We carry a good selection of dog beds and dog carriers and dog crates.  Travelling with you pet is much happier for both of you when you dog is comfortable in the right size dog crate or dog carrier.
For that little guy that you like to keep close a dog sling does the trick.
A clean dog is much more fun to be around then one who has just rolled in something he thinks smells great but you do not.  Home and country Pet Supply has a line of dog shampoos that will help.
Sometimes we do not want our canine friend to have full run of the house, a dog gate is a great solution.
Giving your dog the feeling of freedom is a good thing and dog doors do the trick, Home and Country Pet supply carries dog doors for every shape and size of dog
As our best friends get older the ability to jump into the car or up onto your bed becomes hard Home and Country Pet Supply gives you choices of different kinds of dog stairs and ramps
Dog bowls are an important part of keeping our pet healthy.  Large dogs need a dog bowl that makes them eat slower to prevent deadly health issues.   Some large dogs like elevated dog bowls.  Small Dogs want small dog bowls that fit their size and height. Dress up your best friend Get The Latest in fashion  With our wide assortment of , dog dresses, dog coats, dog Ts and tanks and accessories for every occasion.