Home and Country Pet Supply
Understands Cat Owners

  Cats come in all shapes and sizes, from the large Maine Coon to a petite American Curl.     

Here at Home and Country Pet Supply we know we will never understand cats, But we do understand people who are owned by cats.  You are committed to making your feline family as comfortable and happy as possible.  And we can help with a variety of Cat Beds, Cat Bowls, Cat Treats and most important Cat Toys.
Don't forget that all important Scratchboards and pads, if you have a good scratch board your cat will be happy and your furniture will have a longer life..
A cat can be trained to accept a harness and leash, but you have to start young. And we have usually found it only works well when we are going in the direction the cat wants to go.   Collars are great especially ones with a bell that’s lets you know whats your cat is doing and where he is.   Collars can also be a fashion statement.
Travelling with your cat can be a stress filled event both for you and for your cat. It’s important to make sure he is comfortable and feel secure in the right carrier. 
You will find great choices here at Home and Country Pet Supply to keep both your and your feline friend safe and happy.








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