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Hi pet guardians, we know that your pet or pets are a big part of the family be they big or small, have Feathersbig pawssmall paws, We can help you to be a great pet guardian with our reasonably priced pet supplies.

We have been owned by cats, birds and dogs for many years  So, we have a good idea of what you may need or may be looking for! We also know how expensive critters can be, so we try to keep our costs down to pass savings on to you. Our  critter family consists  of 5 horses, 3 dogs, 1 parrot and 2 cats.

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River our in house quality controller for dog products has some suggestions for the Dog who shares your life.
  My own personal dishes, a Crates & Crate Mats, Collar and Leash, a bed just for me I won’t share with the cat. And for fun cool toys that I can chase, chew and cuddle with. And how about Fashion Essentials – Outfits that will keep me looking cute, and so I can be  warm and dry all year long And don't forget my personal abode the  dog house

Dexter our cat products controller says....Your cat's list, first of course a lap which you can provide, but to have a happy cat the list starts with toys including  squeaky toys, a feather wands to slap around. For your cats ultimate confort soft bed, a catnip toy for relaxation. His own dish far away from dogs, a scratch pad, and a tower to get away from the dog. a cat door so he can come and go as he pleases.

Joey our 21 year old Blue Fronted Amazone contributed the birds list. Bird's list, birds come in all shapes and sizes from a timy Finch to a Macaw, your want to keep them safe and secure. To that end a cage that is big enough for your bird pal to be comfortable and its a bonus to have a cage that fits your home decor. Birds especially parrots are curious intellegent creatures who need to be entertained and kept busy.  A leather Kabob makes a perfect toy, But, don't forget the best toy is you.